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Handling Lines

The old 2007 Christmas Line:
CarName 1600.0 3050.7 0.9 0.0 0.0 -0.1 70 0.69 0.80 0.52 5 200.0 40.0 5.0 R P 11.1 0.48 0 42.3 1.6 0.18 0.3 0.21 -0.04 0.5 0.3 0.24 0.60 45000 0 C00000 1 1 0

The new 2012 Christmas Line:
CarName 1600.0 3700.0 0.4 0.0 0.0 0.0 55 0.67 0.78 0.48 5 180.0 70.0 5.0 R P 6.9 0.51 0 44.5 0.9 0.13 0.0 0.25 -0.15 0.5 0.1 0.2 0.56 35000 0 400000 0 1 0

[TDSD]'s Breath of Fresh Air.

Hello to everyone, it's been a while.

In the odd case that nobody had noticed before, [TDSD]Requx was given permission to start creating posts here on the blog, concluding the creation of the past three.  Today is going to be a strange day; for the past 7  2/4 years I have been at the head of [TDSD] in every department, steering the team wherever I thought best and trying to keep the name alive. Well, as it may be obvious to most people, I haven't done a very good job in the recent years. Keeping the recruitment standards the same as they were in 06', the ideals of the team had almost created a private society in which only a very few select players would ever be able to join. The team was originally created with the sole purpose of being deemed 'The best' in GTA's online history; and while we may have held that reputation years ago, collaborating on and creating some of the best innovations in modification and drifting styles, it is impossible to go any further with a team which hasn't even seen a new team video since 2009.

Honestly, [TDSD] has reflected more of my own personal life, ups and downs than anything else; and it hasn't been very pretty, so I feel I'm doing pretty good with this next move:

[TDSD]Requx is being given full permission to take on team leadership & team recruitment.
-Requx, while I may have not had as much time to get to know him as the rest of the team members, I have nothing but respect for; In effect as of May 13, 2013.
In his decision to leave the team due to inactive leadership, he had planned on creating a new team; however, having heard similar once before with team-mate Sarah, I'd rather not hear that again, and actually do something about it. Together we decided to keep the [TDSD] going, and for that I am very thankful of Requx; so expect things to finally change around here, and I have no doubt that they will be for the good.

Some things that -won't- change:
-All past members (not kicked) and inactive members will be allowed re-admittance into the team at any time should they desire so.
-I will also remain in a leadership position with full authority of the team, as remains Vertex and MilkMan, now with a fourth party, Requx.

Thanks again to Requx, best wishes for the new team, good luck, have fun!


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